DROUGHT!!! – Newsletter #2

Summer is here-which equals our peak water use season-the time when using water wisely counts the most. For many of us, a drought is hitting home! We hear about it every day in our newspapers and on television. But, wait a minute…what really IS a drought???? Most of us think that it is merely a lack of rain! But, check this out and learn what the “experts” say about a drought— What areas of the U.S. have been declared drought areas? The U.S. Drought Monitor shows on a map of the U.S. Reducing water consumption in response to pleas from water officials is the “right thing” to do! But, aside from taking shorter showers and cutting back your lawn sprinkling, what else can you do? Certainly, check out our Best Ways to Save and Drought Tips and our Top 5 Actions ! Today, we’ve compiled some tips from a variety of other sources that may help you save water AND cut your water bill in the process—

      From the folks in the Southwest, here are

100 excellent tips for reducing water use inside and outside your home

    Finally, involve your children in water conservation through games, puzzles, education, and other activities. Go to the

“Water for Kids” website

    from the Environmental Protection Agency.

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