The dual-flush toilet fixture is coming! – Newsletter #3

What is it???????

Just over five years ago, Americans were first introduced to the dual-flush toilet fixture……something that the Australians and Europeans have seen in their bathrooms for quite some time. A real water saver for the home – and easy to use as well. Here’s what it is all about –

The dual-flush toilet offers two choices: the “short flush” for liquid only and the “full flush” for those other experiences! These toilets generally use 25% less water than the other conventional toilets you will find at your local plumbing supply store.

Manufacturers with dual-flush products include Caroma, Vortens, and HCG…several others will be adding their fixtures in 2004. As new dual-flush products are continually introduced into our U.S. marketplace, watch for prices to drop.

Replacing your toilet flapper?

Toilet flappers last about 5 years – unless you are using those white puck-like toilet bowl cleaning tablets – then you may find that your flapper is leaking in 2 years or less! Is it now time to replace your leaking flapper? Well, Tampa Bay Water is here to help you find the right replacement. If you know the make and model of your toilet, find the part number for the correct-fitting replacement that will restore your toilet to its designed flush.

Labeling in our future?

Very recently, the water industry, appliance and fixture manufacturers, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) got together to talk about a consumer product labeling system relating to water-efficiency. Patterned after the very successful Energy Star labeling system that we all use to help us make purchase decisions, the water-efficiency labeling program will be a natural companion to Energy Star and will identify those products that are the most water-efficient.

If you have comments, ideas, or advice for the EPA as they begin development of this new consumer tool, please send them an email today!

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