I Love My Water Meter! – Newsletter #8

Recently, my water district installed a meter at our house. My community is one of the last in California to measure water to customers and bill by volume. This causes some concern in my neighborhood, but I welcome the new ability I now have to monitor our water use and improve our water use efficiency. I can also check for leaks in the system and make repairs in a timely fashion. This summer the San Diego County Water Authority asked customers to accept the “20 Gallon Challenge” in response to critical water shortages. Families can accomplish this more easily by using their meters to track their success in meeting the challenge. Like hybrid cars that provide instant information about the driver’s fuel efficiency, water meters can also provide the immediate gratification of knowing how well we are doing in terms of water conservation. If you need help in reading your water meter, visit this section of the H2OUSE website:


You can also call your local water district for assistance. Some districts prohibit opening the water meter box, but most encourage your active involvement in managing your water efficiently that meter readings facilitate. A handy device for remote reading of your meter from the comfort of your home is a nifty bit of technology called the “Water Meter Monitor.” A transmitter installed on the water meter sends signals to the Orion Water Meter Monitor, a small unit (5 inches by 3 inches) with a magnet built into the case so that it can be displayed easily on a refrigerator door. An optional leak detection alert indicates if there has been a 24-hour period with no one-hour period of zero consumption. For more information about the Water Meter Monitor and to check on availability, contact your local water district (they must attach the transmitter to the meter and program the device).

M. Prillwitz

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