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Welcome to our Water Saver Home!! – Newsletter #1

It may be only virtual, but the savings to you can be real! Through this periodic newsletter, we hope to keep you informed about the latest happenings in our world of saving water, to provide you with tips for water saving fixtures and appliances, and to help you cope with the maze of product choices out there in the marketplace. We’ll provide you with helpful links, consumer research, and other tools to make your home more efficient.

But in this first issue, we want you to become acquainted with our site and become used to finding the information you need. Let’s give you some examples.

Are you basically in a new home that already has efficient plumbing fixtures? Well, that doesn’t mean that you still can’t be saving water, energy and therefore MONEY. Check your meter to see if there are any leaks and the meter is reading accurately. Look around both inside the house and outdoors for sources of leakage. It’s amazing how many gallons each leak produces on a daily basis. Look at your outdoor landscaping. Are you irrigating more than you need to?

Perhaps you are building a new home or are undertaking a major remodel. If so, we have lots of information to share with you! Check out our tips for water efficient toilets, efficient irrigation systems, high-efficiency clothes washers, and showerheads to name a few. By purchasing efficient products that function well, you will be saving!

In future issues we will explore specific rooms in the home and give you tips. Stay tuned!

Josh Hurd