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This website was developed by the California Urban Water Conservation Council under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The Council is a consensus-based partnership of over 315 urban water suppliers, public advocacy organizations, and other interested parties concerned with water supply and conservation of natural resources in California. The Council was created to oversee the 1991 Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Urban Water Conservation in California, which sets forth Best Management Practices for the efficient use of water in urban areas in the state. The website address is www.cuwcc.org.

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The Project Team

Chris Brown
Executive Director, California Urban Water Conservation Council
John Flowers
Water Efficiency Program Manager, United States Environmental Protection Agency
Lisa Maddaus
Project Manager, Brown and Caldwell Consultants
Tom Ash
HydroPoint Data Systems, Inc.
Greg Young
Jel Productions, in partnership with Byron Buck & Associates
Rick Thomas
Carrie Pryor
Legacy Collaborative
John Koeller
Koeller and Company
Julio Sanchez
ConserVision Consulting LLC
Lisa Wood
Owner, Lisa Wood Design
Peter Mayer
Vice President, Aquacraft, Inc.

Volunteer time and materials were generously donated by the following individuals and organizations:

Chris Dundon
Water Conservation Supervisor,
Contra Costa Water District
Cindy Hansen
Water Resources Specialist,
San Diego County Water Authority
Ali Davidson
Water Conservation Specialist,
Sonoma County Water Agency
Luis Generoso
Dan Carney

Water Resources Manager,
City of San Diego

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