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Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposal

My Garbage Disposal Won’t Turn On. What Do I Do ?

April 18, 2017 • If your garbage disposal won’t turn on, it can become quite an inconvenience to...

| April 18, 2017

Garbage Disposal

Is Your Garbage Disposal Humming? Fix It with These Easy Steps

April 14, 2017 • If your garbage disposal makes a humming sound when you flip the switch, don’t fret....

| April 14, 2017

Garbage Disposal

Why Is My Garbage Disposal Not Working? Diagnose the Problem

March 3, 2017 • When your garbage disposal quits working, not only does it disrupt your day, it also can...

| March 3, 2017

Garbage Disposal

Is Your Garbage Disposal Leaking from the Bottom? Here’s What to Do

February 12, 2017 • A leaky garbage disposal is not only a hassle, it’s also a mess and can also result in...

| February 12, 2017

Water Heaters

Water Heaters

Why Does My Hot Water Heater Pilot Light Keep Going Out? Diagnose the Problem

March 21, 2017 • There’s nothing worse than having to take a cold shower, because your hot water heater pilot light keeps going out....

| March 21, 2017

Replace Your Hot Water Heater Drain Valve with These Easy Steps

January 12, 2017 • Although replacing a hot water heater drain valve may seem like a pretty complex job,...

Anode rod replacement

Tips on How to Check the Anode Rod in Your Water Heater

January 12, 2017 • The anode rod is probably the most important part in your water heater. In fact, it’s...

Tips for Performing an Effective Hot Water Heater Element Replacement

January 12, 2017 • If your water heater quits producing hot water, there could multiple reasons why this...



One Piece vs Two Piece Toilet – Which Is Better?

October 18, 2017 • Buying a toilet is an easy task, especially when you know the specifics behind the different types of toilets and which...

| October 18, 2017

Elongated Versus Round Toilet – Which Is Better Suited for Your Needs?

October 18, 2017 • In the case of toilets, there is more than one type to choose from. Most options are...

How to Adjust Toilet Lift Chains

January 13, 2017 • A significant number of people have reported issues with their toilets. Some have to hold...

How to Replace a Fill Valve

January 13, 2017 • A toilet fill valve controls the amount of water in the toilet tank. Once you flush the...

Furnaces & Heat pumps

Furnaces & Heat Pumps

What Is Auxiliary Heat? An Informative Guide for Homeowners

March 31, 2017 • Although heat pumps are commonly used in houses around the country, many homeowners...

| March 31, 2017

Furnaces & Heat Pumps

Why Is My Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air? Diagnose the Problem

March 8, 2017 • There’s nothing more annoying than when your heat pump is blowing cold air. Not only...

| March 8, 2017

Furnaces & Heat Pumps

Are Electrostatic Air Filters Worth the Time and Effort?

March 2, 2017 • When you shop for filters, you may notice that there is quite a wide selection to pick...

| March 2, 2017

heat pump vs furnace Furnaces & Heat Pumps

Heat Pump vs Furnace: Which System Is Better Suited for Your Needs?

March 1, 2017 • If you’re trying to decide between a heat pump or a furnace, it’s important to...

| March 1, 2017

Air Conditioners & Coolers

Air Conditioners & Coolers

Why Is My Room So Hot? A Homeowner’s Guide to Temperature Control

April 1, 2017 • Having a room in your home that gets much hotter than the rest of your living area can become a little irritating,...

| April 1, 2017

If Your Air Conditioner Fan Is Not Spinning, Use These Tips to Fix It

February 18, 2017 • When your air conditioner fan is not turning, not only will your home become hot and...

Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air? Diagnose the Problem

February 16, 2017 • When your air conditioner is working but not cooling your home, there could be many...

Why Is My Air Conditioner Frozen? What to do Next?

February 6, 2017 • Is your air conditioner frozen? This is one of the worse things that can happen to a...

Food Gardens

Food Gardens

What Does Sage Smell Like? An Informative Guide to This Herb

October 22, 2017 • Sage is a fantastic herb with an amazing aroma. When used properly, it can really add to...

| October 22, 2017

Food Gardens

What Does Anise Taste Like? A Beginner’s Guide to Anise

April 4, 2017 • If you’ve never tasted anise before, then you’re missing out. Anise is an herb...

| April 4, 2017

Food Gardens

What Does Thyme Look Like? A Useful Guide for Growing Thyme

April 3, 2017 • Thyme is an herb that’s used in a wide selection of tasty dishes. However, many people...

| April 3, 2017

Food Gardens

Do You Know How to Ripen Papaya Faster? Follow These Easy Steps

March 22, 2017 • Fresh papaya is absolutely a delight, but if it’s too premature, you’re going to have...

| March 22, 2017

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