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On-Demand Hot Water System
On-Demand Hot Water System
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On-Demand Hot Water System Repair

Repairs to on demand hot water systems generally fall into four categories:

  1. Pump repairs
  2. Electric repairs
  3. Leak repairs
  4. Plumbing repairs

As with any complex electrical or plumbing device, carefully read the instruction manual before attempting any repair. When in doubt, contact your dealer, a professional plumber, or an electrician.

Pump repairs
If the pump in your on demand system fails you will probably need to return it to the manufacturer for repairs or replacement. Most manufacturers offer a limited warranty on their pump products. Contact your dealer for instructions.

Electric repairs
If the pump stops working one possible cause is a problem with the electric supply to the pump. If you have experience testing and repairing electric supply problems you may attempt this repair yourself. When in doubt, contact a professional electrician.

Leak repairs
See leak detection.

Plumbing repairs
If you develop a plumbing problem as a result of the on demand hot water system we recommend contacting a plumber.

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