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Cooling Misters Water Savings

You can save precious water by following these water saving tips developed by the Southern Nevada Water Authority:

  • Consider opportunities to conduct your activities indoors where air conditioning is already in use.

  • For commercial applications, divide the misters into groups that can be independently controlled. No sense operating many nozzles where just a few can do the job.

  • Turn off the misters when nobody is present. You may want to consider a timer or sensor device.

  • Use trees and other shade structures to keep outdoor areas naturally cooler.

  • Turn off the misters when winds are whisking the mist and cooled air away before it can reach you.

  • Don't use misters when outdoor temperatures are moderate.

  • Don't use misters during periods of high humidity — they don't work well in those conditions.

  • Don't use mist systems for aesthetic purposes, such as creating fog-like special effects in outdoor landscapes.


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