Best Ways to Save & Drought Tips
Best Ways to Save & Drought Tips
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Greywater and/or Dual Plumbing System Best Ways to Save and Drought Tips

Here are some basic tips for best use of your greywater system during a drought or under regular conditions:

  • Regularly check your greywater system to be sure it is functioning properly.

  • Keep an eye (and a nose) out for leaks.

  • Operate your greywater irrigation system efficiently to provide sufficient water to your plants while minimizing loss from deep percolation beyond the root zone.

  • Clean and/or replace your graywater filter regularly.

  • Frequently check your plants that are greywater irrigated for signs of over watering or stress from high organic content in the water.

  • Check for information about ingredients in laundry products that may affect the plants you are irrigating.

  • Publicize your successful greywater system and encourage others to adopt the technology.

During a drought, a greywater reuse system could be an excellent way to maximize water use efficiency in your home and keep precious plants and trees alive. Although other drought actions taken inside the home (such as reduced showering) could reduce greywater flows a little, the greywater will still be a valuable resource. During a severe drought, your neighbors will be envious of your thriving greywater-fed landscape as their lawn and shrubs wither and turn brown for lack of water.

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