Water-Wise Plants Future Trends

In the future, expect to see more and more Xeriscapes. Xeriscape is rapidly gaining acceptance across the country as an attractive and sensible alternative to acres and acres of sod. There are still barriers to widespread acceptance of Xeriscape including neighborhood protective covenants that mandate turf, misunderstandings about Xeriscape, and landscape prejudice.

Over the past 10 years Xeriscape has made great strides in acceptance and popularity. More books on Xeriscape are being published and the principals that form the foundation of Xeriscape are being applied in different climate zones using different plants.

In the future we hope to see Xeriscapes cropping up in unexpected places like median strips, shopping malls, office buildings, and commercial establishments. The potential for expansion and spread of Xeriscape is tremendous.

Natural Landscaping Movement

Some folks don’t think the concepts of Xeriscape go far enough. The natural landscaping movement incorporates design and management concepts that rely on native plants and minimal, if any, irrigation other than rainwater. Natural landscaping aims to preserve and reintroduce indigenous plants and virtually eliminate the need for supplemental watering after the plants are established. Stay tuned, this could be the next BIG THING.