Clothes Washer Future Trends

The future of clothes washers is now.

Over the last five years there have been remarkable changes in clothes washers and the clothes washer market. In 1995 water and energy efficient washing machines were few and far between. Today, almost every major manufacturer offers a water and energy efficient line of machines and many of these products are touted at the finest washing machines the company has ever made. Initially these machines were all front loading machines, but in the past two years a number of high efficiency top loading machines have been brought to market.

To top it off, the U.S. Department of Energy recently issued a new set of clothes washer efficiency standards that were hammered out in concert with manufacturers. These standards will gradually increase efficiency in washers over the coming years.

The consumer now has an excellent choice of high efficiency clothes washer products and prices. On average these machines are more expensive than traditional washers, but it is anticipated that the price will come down as time goes by. High efficiency washers will also enter the used appliance market in the coming years.

Over the next few years it is anticipated that additional high efficiency washing machines will be introduced. Because of the general preference for top loading machines, it is likely that more high efficiency top loaders will be developed.

For information on high efficiency washers and where to get them visit the Energy Star web site.