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Evaporative Cooler Purchase Tips

Evaporative coolers are available at most home and garden retail stores. Typically, you will only find these coolers in store locations where they will function best: mainly in hot and dry climates.

When purchasing your evaporative cooler, be sure that you buy the appropriate size. An easy method for sizing your cooler follows: First, multiply your home’s square footage (length times width) by the ceiling height. Divide that number by 2. You’ve now sized your cooler. For example, if your home is 1600 square feet and you have an eight foot ceiling, your home is 12,800 cubic feet. Divide that by 2, and you’ve sized your cooler at 6400 CFM. Most units have the size clearly printed on them. Be sure to ask your cooler supplier if you need help or have any further questions.

Another consideration when purchasing your evaporative cooler is whether or not to buy a cooler with a two-speed motor. Two-speed motors offer the advantage of a low speed that is quieter and more energy and water efficient.

Michael Joseph