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Greywater and/or Dual Plumbing System
Greywater and/or Dual Plumbing System
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Greywater and/or Dual Plumbing System Application Options (automatic vs. manual)

The ideal situation is to have a greywater reuse system that links directly with a subsurface drip irrigation system feeding a select group of landscape beds. On paper, this is how most greywater systems are designed.

However, according to some greywater experts, the majority of successful greywater systems are so simple as to not be noticed by regulators, manufacturers, consultants and salespeople and, as such, may utilize manual irrigation techniques. These irrigation methods might be as simple as a garden hose with an on/off nozzle hooked up to a small graywater storage tank.

Few greywater systems will ever feed into automatic clock driven irrigation systems. There simply isn’t a larger or reliable enough supply of greywater for that type of system. Instead, many greywater systems use gravity to irrigate plants that are downhill from the greywater storage tank. In these systems, subsurface drip irrigation is often utilized.

Some greywater systems do feature pumps capable of providing enough pressure to run spray irrigation emitters or even dirty water sprinkler heads. These systems are more expensive and more complex to install.

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