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Evaporative Cooler Disposal and Recycling

The best way to dispose of an old evaporative cooler is to try to find somewhere that it can be recycled. Many places can reuse the scrap metal for other products. Call your local landfill or your city’s solid waste division to find out if they have an appliance recycle program.

As an alternative, look in the yellow pages under “Recycle” or “Scrap Metal”. Call the listed recycling companies to find out if they accept evaporative coolers. Some companies will pick up your appliance, and some will require that you drop it off. Some places may pay you for your appliance, while others may charge you to pick it up.

If your cooler cannot be recycled, you should find out if your solid waste provider will collect them at the curbside or if you need to bring them to a specific facility for disposal.

Michael Joseph