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Faucet Installation Tips

Faucet installation will vary depending on the make and model of the faucet fixture you have selected. For best results follow the instructions provided with your faucet fixture or contact a licensed plumber. Some diagrams of different faucet fixtures are available on the faucet repair page.

The installation instructions below are generic and may not necessarily apply to your specific faucet fixture.

Installation instructions

1. Shut off hot and cold water supplies and remove existing faucet.

2. Place faucet in position on the sink. From under the sink thread mounting nuts onto the faucet tailpiece by hand.

3. Place tailpiece nut and rubber gasket on the water supply lines. Thread it onto the faucet tailpiece and tighten tailpiece nuts with a wrench.

4. Connect water supply lines to shut-off valves.

5. Thread mounting nut and bottom gasket onto drain body, wrap top threaded end of drain body with teflon tape.

6. Slip drain body up through the drain opening and screw seat onto drain body. Holding the drain body in position, with pivot rod opening facing the back of the sink. Tighten the mounting nut snugly with a pliers.

7. Place pivot rod in pivot rod opening. Slide pivot nut over pivot rod and thread it on drain body. Tighten snugly, being careful not to over tighten.

8. With lift rod in position on the faucet, insert lift rod through lift rod strap and secure with the set screw.

9. Guide the pivot rod through one of the holes on lift rod strap and secure it with the spring clip, then adjust height of lift rod by re-set the set screw. Be sure to leave enough room between knob and faucet when rod is at down position.

10. Make sure all the nuts and connections are tight. Then turn on water supply. Check for any leaks.

Troubleshooting your faucet installation

Problem Cause Solution
Leak from spout Damaged O-ring Disassemble faucet. Replace cartridge if necessary. Reassemble.
Leak from under handle Damaged Cartridge Remove handle. Replace cartridge.
Uneven water spray Clogged aerator Remove aerator. Clean or replace aerator.
Leak from around aerator Bad aerator seal Remove aerator. Check to see that seal is flat and undamaged. Replace aerator if necessary.
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