Bath The average water use in a standard home is about 7% of all water usage in the home. Here is a tip to help you save water and money in the bathroom. Install a plastic bottle in your toilet tank with a few pebbles in it to reduce the amount of water in the tank and reduce the amount of water expelled during flushing. This method will save your home 2.56 gallons of water daily and will result in a $1.40 savings each year. (Applies to a typical family with two adults and two children).

Soak and Save in the Bathtub


There is absolutely nothing like soaking in a hot tub after a long, grueling day on the job. You come in and fill the tub to capacity with steaming water and slip into your own...

Are Your Faucets Failing? You Better Check Them Out

Bath, Kitchen, Laundry

One of the biggest sources of water waste in the home comes from leaving faucets running while washing dishes, rinsing vegetables and brushing your teeth. The first step to...

Sing in the Shower and Save Some Green


Once you make a plan to start conserving water in and around your home, you should consider installing low-flow showerheads to reduce water waste while the family takes their...

What the Flush? Stop Money from Going Down the Toilet


Approximately 47% of H2O consumption in U.S. homes takes place in the bathroom. A large portion of the water used (about 26%) in bathrooms is flushed down the toilet daily. There...

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