Bathtub Water Savings

Filling a bathtub uses a fixed volume of water. Reducing the flow rate has no impact on the amount of water used for a bath. Consequently there are few conservation measures directed at bathtub use.

Below are some tips to maximize efficiency in your bathtub:

  • Only fill the bathtub as much as you need. Bathing babies, small children and pets requires much less water than an adult and it is often easier to bathe small babies in a sink or washbasin.

  • Make sure that your bathtub drain plug doesn’t leak. Replace the plug or plug washer if necessary.

  • Replace the tub diverter valve (that routes water to the shower) if it leaks.

  • In a drought, don’t let the used bathtub water go down the drain! Reuse bath water outdoors on your landscape.

Photo source: Plumbing Supply, Accessed
September 24, 2003, by permission.