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Attractive gardens and landscapes add value to our homes and bring years of enjoyment, but they also can consume more water than all other household uses combined. Landscapes can be both beautiful and water efficient. There are many simple things you can do to improve an existing landscape. Or, if you are more ambitious, you can design a new Water-Smart Landscape. Both approaches can improve the health and beauty of your landscape while saving water and lowering your utility bill.

Improve an EXISTING Landscape
Design a NEW Water-Smart Landscape
Use the information below to save water and improve the health of an existing landscape. The steps below will help you to design a beautiful new water-efficient landscape.
  Irrigate Efficiently
  Use Water-Wise Plants
  Improve your Soil
  Lawn & Plant Care
  Rain Harvesting &       Greywater Irrigation
  STEP 1: Plan your new      landscape
  STEP 2: Choose the right      plants
  STEP 3: Install efficient      irrigation

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