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How to Get Rid of Algae in Pool Naturally? – Recent Discoveries

Without a doubt, one of the biggest fears of any pool owner is getting an algae bloom in their pool. Algae in a swimming pool not only make the pool green and unsightly but it also can stain the surface of the swimming pool and leave it very slimy too.

For years the answer to killing algae was to treat a pool with chlorine and chlorine-based shock. Although this method is effective, it often changed pool chemistry and made an over-chlorinated pool unusable for days at a time.

Over the years, that has changed as pool treatment professionals have come up with some natural ways to kill and prevent algae growth. We will go over several of the ways on how to remove algae from pool naturally in this article.

How to kill pool algae naturally by using salt generation

How well do swimming pool chlorine generation systems work at killing algae and keeping pool water clean? The numbers speak for themselves.

At the rate people are switching from chlorine use to salt generation systems; these pool sanitation systems will soon pass chlorine as the number one way to sanitize a swimming pool.

The process that makes them great at keeping algae away is actually very simple. A salt generator makes chlorine out of salt cells by changing their chemical makeup.

The great thing is it does it in a way that is much more natural than chlorine and has much less impact on those that use the swimming pool.

Water treated with salt chlorine generation systems is very easy on the eyes, the skin, and does a great job of holding algae at bay. Pools properly treated with salt chlorination rarely experience any types of algae problems.

Natural orenda water treatment

Here is a natural pool water treatment that not only targets algae growth in swimming pools but is very effective at treating other aspects of pool water too.

You can easily spot these pool sanitization products on the shelf of any pool store by the way they resemble bottles of motor oil. They do an excellent job of preventing algae growth, so your swimming pool has little if no downtime due to algae treatments.

Orenda water treatment products use enzymes and other natural ingredients to kill and prevent algae growth by:

  • Eliminating its phosphate growth source
  • Removing non-living organic waste
  • Adding a particle clarifier to get rid of microscopic sized algae cells

Giving your pool water a natural sonic wave boost

Although these are not good stand-alone algae killers, using a sonic wave pool cleaner can help your other water treatment methods kill algae easier.

What’s great about a sonic wave pool cleaner is that it’s a 100% natural way to help eliminate algae that has zero impact on your swimming pools water chemistry while doing it.

How does a sonic wave pool cleaner work? As the name implies, it emits sound waves into your swimming pool. The range of these sound waves causes vibrations in the pool that are undetectable by humans, but help cause algae cells to break apart. This does a great job of keeping algae cells from growing into a large enough quantity to cause a bloom that will turn the pool water green and make it slimy too.

How to get rid of algae in pool naturally using uv light treatment

Ultra-Violet (UV) light has long been used as an effective way to kill algae in garden and Koi ponds. Now, these systems are being made to work in swimming pools too. All this takes is making the size of the UV bulbs a little bigger so they can sanitize the increased volume of water in a swimming pool. They are an algae killing system that is proving to be very effective at controlling algae growth in backyard pools.

How do UV light systems help keep algae from growing in a swimming pool? They actually mutate the DNA of the algae when it passes over the light in the sanitization chamber of the device. When this happens, it prevents and inhibits the growth of the algae particles.

Use baking soda as algae in pool home remedy

This is another great natural way to get rid of algae in a swimming pool. People like using baking soda to get rid of algae because you can swim immediately after treatment in most cases.

Also, if it’s not overused, it will only slightly impact pool water chemistry. It works best as a spot treatment for algae on pool walls and pool floors. Baking soda actually has chemical properties that help it break apart algae. Once you broadcast it over an algae bloom area, you have to then scrub the algae off with a brush.

Josh Hurd