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When There’s Low Water in the Toilet Bowl, Put These Useful Tips to Use

If your toilet bowl water level has dropped significantly, then you’ll want to diagnose the problem and get it resolved as soon as possible. There are four main reasons why you may have a low water level in your toilet bowl. They are:

  • A partial blockage which results in a siphoning of water from the bowl
  • Lack of water in the toilet’s tank reservoir
  • Broken parts or hardware
  • Crack in the porcelain

All of the issues listed above are able to be repaired besides a crack in the porcelain. In this situation, it’s best to just invest in a whole new toilet.

Lack of Water in the Tank

One of the first things you want to do is check to see if there is enough water in the toilet’s tank reservoir. This can result in there not being enough water in the toilet bowl in addition to slow flushes or even the possibility of clogging.

You will need to start by taking the lid off the top of the toilet and checking the water level. It’s recommended that your water level be approximately a half inch below the top of the fill tube. To get your water level to where it needs to be, first you’ll need to make the proper adjustments to the fill valve. To do this, position the float that’s connected to the valve in the proper direction. If you want the water level to raise, you’ll move the float up, and if you want the water level to decrease, you’ll move it downward.

Once you have properly adjusted the floater, perform a couple test flushes. If the water level is still not where it’s suppose to be, reposition the floater and again, flush your toilet a few times. Keep repeating this process until your tank’s water level is right.

A Partial Blockage

Another reason why your toilet bowl water level may be dropping could be because of a partial blockage. In this situation, you want to start by using a plunger to flush out whatever it is that’s stuck.  If using a plunger still doesn’t solve the issue, then the next step is to use an auger. To use an angler, simply insert it into the drain until you get to the clog and then crank the angler until the clog is removed. If you don’t remove the blockage at first, try again.

It’s also good to inspect whether or not the vent opening on the roof of your home has been blocked or contains debris inside of it. If there is a blockage, using your garden hose to pushout anything that may be stuck in the vent.

Broken Parts and Hardware

Broken parts and hardware may be another reason why there is a low water level in your toilet bowl. Overtime, things ware out and need to be replaced. These things can include a broken valve arm, a cracked fill tube or even a bent or misaligned flapper. All of these problems are fairly easy fixes for even the individual with little plumbing experience.

Kevin L. Sharp