Garage & Basement The garage and basement can be a sore spot for many homeowners because there are many ways water can be wasted. Wet basements can be the result of poor gutters or sloping soil. Homeowners should always check all areas in their home for leaking faucets, sprinkler systems, tubs, and toilets. The water meter can also be monitored to detect water loss. In order to keep from wasting water and money, here are a few tips that may help.

Cooling Misters Best Ways to Save and Drought Tips

Garage & Basement

In a severe drought you may be restricted from using your cooling misters. In a moderate drought, you should consider following these water saving tips developed by the Southern...

Wash the Dog and Water the Lawn

Garage & Basement

Conserving water is an issue we should all be concerned with. There are so many ways to save water and money inside your home, but what can you do outside to continue your...

To Irrigate or Not? That’s the Question

Garage & Basement

It doesn’t matter where you live in the country, if you are a homeowner; you want your lawn to look good. A great looking landscape adds to your property values and shows you...

Evaporative Cooler Best Ways to Save and Drought Tips

Garage & Basement

Evaporative coolers use a substantial amount of water, which could present a problem during times of drought. Depending on the severity of the drought and how much water your...

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