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Best Wall Hung Toilets – 2021 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to finding the best toilet for your home, there are so many models to consider. There are also different types that you can look into. For example, wall hung toilets may not be something you are considering, simply because you don’t understand how they work or you think they won’t be able to work well in your bathroom. Keep reading this guide to see what you need to know before you purchase a wall hung toilet and models you may want to keep your eye on.

What is a wall hung toilet?

Wall hung options are just like regular toilets except that they connect or hang right on the wall. The tanks are commonly hidden inside the wall, so all the plumbing and everything is hidden. Traditional toilets attach to the floor through a special drain, and have their tanks connected to the bowl, so this is something a little bit different. Here are a few reasons why this may be an attractive option for your home.

Saves space

Since there isn’t a tank to worry about, these products allow you to save a lot of space. This is important if you have a small bathroom or there isn’t a lot of room to install a toilet in your lavatory.

They are traditionally used in commercial settings, but they will work just fine in a residential setting as well. When the tank isn’t on the back of the toilet, a lot of room is saved, and it could be as much as 12 inches. In other words, the toilet isn’t as far away from the wall, so there’s more room for walking around or standing in your room when you have this type of toilet.

Easy to keep room clean

This type helps you keep the room cleaner for two reasons. One is that you can clean underneath it, since it doesn’t touch the floor. When you are mopping or sweeping your bathroom floor, it will not get in your way.

The second reason is that there are not exposed areas on the side of the toilet that can hold on to dust or grime. No more collecting germs on the outside of the toilet, since there aren’t any areas that you are hard to reach, and you won’t have to get on the floor to scrub.

Better aesthetics

Since the tanks and the plumbing parts are hidden in most models, the bathroom looks more inviting. There is simply a toilet bowl hanging from the wall, so it is almost like a nice chair for you to sit down on. While it is something as simple as a toilet, some models have designs that are interesting enough to become conversations pieces. Visitors may like using your facilities because your bathroom is memorable.

Can save water and money

Almost all models have a dual flush system, which lets you choose how to flush it. There is a flush for urine and one for heavier loads, so you can save water when there is less to flush. Many use less than 1 gallon for the light flush and a little over 1.5 gallons for the heavier flush.

In most cases, you won’t have to double flush to get the job done either, so you aren’t wasting water. This can save you on your water bill and it’s better for the environment.

Advantages and Drawbacks

No product is perfect, and there are many advantages and even a few drawbacks when you’re looking into these toilets. Here is a look at both.


Weigh less

They weigh less, meaning they are easier to get into your home, which really helps if you have to order one online and have it delivered. In some cases, they may only weigh half as much as a traditional toilet. This also means you will have to be more careful when handling them, since there is less weight and more margin for error.

At home in any bathroom

They can look great, no matter what type of décor is in your bathroom. Anyone can find one that fits the room, as well as other fixtures that will match well with it. There are different colors, shapes, and styles to choose from, and even different degrees of glazing. Numerous types have elongated bowl shapes, allowing them to be great for men and women alike.

Can be hung at any height

Most products sit at a specific height that is good for the majority of adults to use comfortably. This one can be hung at essentially whatever height you want, to make sure that you will be able to use it the way you want. It should be placed at a height you are comfortable with, and has to stay level at all times.


May have to cut wall to replace tank

Since most have a tank that goes in the wall instead of behind the bowl, there is an issue about where it will go. There is also the issue of what to do to service it if it needs replacing. Unless you are building a house at the same time you are buying your commode, you will likely have to cut open your wall and put a tank in. A few of the major companies offer special plates that go over the tank controls, so you won’t have to open your walls again if something goes wrong, but most do not. This means you will have to open up your wall in the case of a problem. There is no reason to suspect that these items are prone to problems however, but this is something to look into and discuss with a plumber or contractor if you are concerned.

Have to buy extra accessories

These products, for the most part, do not have standard flushing levers. Many do not come with tanks or seats. You will have to buy all of these things separately. This can be rather pricey, but it is something that will probably be used for a long time, so they aren’t too expensive to enjoy. At the same time, since you can shop around, you will be able to find products that you really like, instead of being stuck with something that comes in a kit.

Toilet may become loose over time

After a bit of use, they may become loose on the wall. There are ways to fix this or ensure that it doesn’t happen, but once it does, you will have to address it right away. Otherwise, you risk damaging your property, which is not what you want.

No way to know of internal problems

The fact that most of the components are inside the wall will keep you from being able to see leaks or other problems as soon as they occur. The best thing you can do to combat this is to listen to how your toilet flushes and fills back up with water, and if that sound changes or the time it takes varies, there may be a problem to investigate.

Top 10 Best Wall Hung Toilets

Here is a look at some of the best wall hung toilets you can buy, along with their best features.

Toto CT418FG No. 01 Aquia

This model has a simple design and is easy to clean, thanks to its special coating. Many parts are available that go with it, so you are able to take your pick of in-wall toilet tanks and seats to meet your preferences.

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Has dual flushing system

SanaGloss glaze

Easy to clean

Good height for everyone


Water level may be too low

Need to buy additional products to utilize

Toto CT486FG #01 Maris

The Maris has a dual flush system, which allows you to save many gallons of water a year. It features elongated shape, so it does look a little different from similar items and meets CalGreen codes. It is not difficult to clean and keep clean either.

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Has an elongated bowl

Meets CalGreen codes

Great for saving water


Not ideal for some men

Kohler K-6299-9 Veil

This toilet has an elongated bowl that is also compact. This may not be great for when you need to keep it clean, but it does save a lot of space in your bathroom, so it’s good for even the smallest areas. The side hardware is concealed by plastic parts at the back of the bowl with tape, which you will likely have to keep replacing.

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Comes in different colors

Can be installed in a number of heights

Is a compact model


Back sides may come off

May be hard to keep clean

Kohler K-6300-0 Veil

When you’re interested in a bidet style toilet, this model is something to check out. The design is suited to be used with a bidet seat and has the cords already connected. A professional should put it in, unless you have done this type of installation before, since there are many things to hook up and connect.

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Designed for bidet seating

Has a 1 year warranty

Easy to install


Needs to be professionally installed

American Standard 2096.100.020 Glenwall

This product looks a lot like a regular toilet and can handle a lot of use. It has a lever on the side and an outlet in the back of it. It also has a powerful flush and comes with the tank that you place on the wall, along with the bowl. You will need to have good water pressure to get it to work properly.

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Tank is on wall

Great for home or commercial use

Powerful flush


Must have good water pressure

American Standard 2257.101.020 Afwall

If you need a toilet for your business, this is something that looks like a traditional public unit. This means it is able to flush a lot of material at once, due to the special siphon flushing action. It has an elongated bowl and a trap way that is glazed.

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Uses siphon flushing action

Commercial grade

Glazed trap way


Not for home use

EAGO WD333 Square

This toilet has a very unique design in that it is completely square. If you did not know what it was, you might think it was something like a sink. There is a warranty on the porcelain, as well as other parts, and a seat, so you will not have to shop around to find something square shaped that fits. It might take some getting used to and you may have to get creative when you’re cleaning too.

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Distinctive square shape

Comes with seat

5 year ceramic warranty


Might be hard to keep clean

Duravit Starck 3

The Starck 3 has a simple but sophisticated look to it, which is a reason why many people like it. What people don’t like is that the toilet seat is uncomfortable, but you can always purchase a different one, so this isn’t a big deal. It saves a lot of space and has a powerful flushing system.

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Great for small bathrooms

Straightforward to clean

Powerful flush


Seat is uncomfortable

American Standard 3402.016.020 Glenwall

This model doesn’t come with a tank, so it is great if you need to replace an older bowl unit and do not need a tank. Of course, it does have a tank that goes with it that you can buy separately. It is also fully glazed and has a large surface area in regards to where the water is in the bowl.

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Large surface area in bowl

Comes in different colors

Good for a replacement bowl


Doesn’t come with the tank

Swiss Madison SM-WT449 Sublime

This dual flush model is compatible with most major flush plates. It comes with the seat, which is slim line and sits flat. It also has a lifetime warranty, which sets it apart, and uses less water than most of the best toilets of this type.

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Comes with seat

Lifetime warranty

Uses up to 1.28 GPF


May be tricky to clean inside

Things to Consider Before Buying

When you’re trying to determine if you want a wall hung model in your home, there are some things you must keep in mind. You should take your time when it comes to deciding on one, because you will probably use a toilet for many years before you have to replace it. It isn’t something that will wear out quickly, so it helps to like the one you will be using.


You will need to know what features are available and which ones you can’t live without. You might want something with a dual flush system or with special coating to help it stay cleaner. Check around to see what’s out there or use your old toilet as a guide to aspects you really want.

Alternatively, if there was something your old one didn’t do well, you can get one that will do this thing well. If a company has features that have patented names and you do not know what they mean, be sure to look around, in order to find out what these terms pertain to.

You don’t want to have to pay extra for fancy sounding features that you don’t want. A majority of the time these terms refer to the coating they use to keep a model cleaner and the special flushing systems they make use of, so they are often good things.


The price can also be a big issue. In some cases, these products can cost much more than other styles of toilets. This can be something good or bad depending on how you look at it. However, since there are quite a few reasons why this type of toilet can save you space and make your life easier, it isn’t that unexpected for it to cost a little more.

When installed properly, they should be able to work for a long time without fail, so isn’t wasting money. They usually don’t need any maintenance either, so you don’t have to worry about them for the most part, especially since so many are covered by warranties.


There are wall hung toilets in many businesses and public areas, which may be why there are so many designs out there. What you may not expect is that these designs can be very attractive and minimalistic, which can leave your bathroom looking expertly planned when you have one.

Some likely don’t know that this type of toilet exists, so if they see one in your home, they will be impressed. It may even make you want to go to the bathroom, since you won’t have a plain and boring toilet to look at.


There are a few accessories you must look into when you purchase one of these. Many models have dual flush capabilities, so this includes things like flush plates, which is like a light switch that flushes the toilet, tanks that go into the wall, and seats. Some companies sell all these things for their toilets, but others don’t, so you’ll have to find them elsewhere.


Even if you have installed many toilets before, you may need a bit of help with this one, considering where the tank has to go and the fact that it has to be hung a certain way on the wall. It is easy for a plumber to do these things well, so you may want to hire one. On the other hand, it is not something that you can’t do for yourself, although you’ll want to read all the directions before you do the install.

Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Buying

Here are the questions to ask yourself before you buy a toilet of this type. Answering these questions will help you determine if this is what you want to use in your house and will help you figure out where and how to install it. You will also be able to discuss these things with whoever is helping you make your purchase or putting in your unit.

Is my wall strong enough?

A wall must be able to take a certain amount of weight without having any problems. There are special support kits you can buy that can help your wall out, but it still has to be structurally sound. Make sure that yours is and that you have a place that is just right for it on an applicable wall. You have to place it on an exterior wall because the tank has to go inside the wall behind it, for best results. The process is easier than it sounds, but can be overwhelming to someone that doesn’t understand the idea behind it.

Is it cost effective?

Again, these toilets can be pricey, especially once you start buying the accessories that it needs. After all, they are designed to be used like commercial toilets, so they have very powerful flushing systems. They will also save you on water, since they are still low flow toilets and many have two types of flushes to utilize. Some also have warranties that can factor in to how cost effective an item is, so be sure to keep that in mind.

Do I have a plumber to install it?

If you have never installed your own toilet before, this may be a bigger job than you can do yourself. While it isn’t impossible, since it usually requires making holes in your walls and drilling your wall to put in supports, this is something better suited to a professional. At the same time, this makes the product cost even more, but you can be sure it is put in correctly. Plumbers likely guarantee their work for a certain amount of time too, so you are covered in case of any potential problems.

Is it easy to clean?

Consider the way you clean your house and how a new toilet will fit into that routine. While it will help you clean better in some regards, you should also be sure that it has features that aren’t hard to clean as well. All toilet bowls will need to be cleaned on occasion, but you don’t want one that needs to be cleaned each day. With wall-hung models, some have bowl designs you have never seen before, which may take some ingenuity when it comes to scrubbing them.

Do I like the design?

There is a plethora of designs to choose from, which may be overwhelming when it comes to making a decision. You can choose something that is close to a previous model you’ve owned or something that you feel goes with the design of your bathroom already. There’s no right or wrong answer here.

To help you out even further, you can search online for pictures of some of these models already installed in bathrooms. This will give you an idea of how other people used them and how they fit in with different decors and designs.

Is it a complete toilet?

You must know what you are paying for. Sometimes a price listed may just be for the toilet, where you have to buy the tank, seat, and everything else separately. Other systems may have one price for the whole thing. It is a good idea to look at the reviews for each of these products to make the best decision and to see if a product has all the things you want.

Does this company sell the accessories too?

If you do have to buy accessories to go with the items you’re looking at, it is best if everything comes from the same company. In the case where a company doesn’t offer all of these components, they will often tell you other products that will work. These are items that different companies make that work well in conjunction. For example, one toilet may come with the seat, but you will need to find another option for the tank.

Is this good for all members of my family?

Check with everyone you live with to make sure that they will be able to use this type of toilet. You will have to determine where it should hang on the wall and if everyone will be able to use it effectively. Some experts feel that these toilets are ideal for children’s bathrooms, since you are able to clean underneath and there aren’t a lot of parts for children to damage. If you have many males in your house, you will not have to worry about when they miss or make a mess.

How to Choose One

Now that you have read about the features, advantages, and disadvantages of this type of toilet and have seen some of the best items you can buy, you may still be left with questions. Here’s how you can narrow it down to a specific model.

Narrow it down

Take pictures of how your bathroom looks now and look at it right beside the products you are considering. If they match the décor and go together, this is a good thing. Some may clash with the other fixtures you have, so be mindful of the different colors and shades in your bathroom already.

Make sure you have the specifications

Be absolutely certain that your house is able to have a toilet that is installed this way. In most regards, you must own your own house to have something like this. If you rent or lease, you are unlikely to be able to use one, and the building you live in may not be set up for proper installation either.

Ask questions

You can ask plumbers or people you know that own one, questions about the problems and high points of these items. They are likely to tell you things that you may not have seen online and their opinions can be more valuable and insightful than when they come from strangers.

Go with your gut

If one product is standing out to you more than the others, listen to that little voice inside your head that is telling you that’s the one you want. Many owners report that once installed, the toilets look better than they could have imagined. It may be the same in your case.


Wall hung toilets have some of the best designs when it comes to sprucing up your bathroom. These thrones are different from traditional models in many ways, which is what makes them exciting and fun to own. There are many benefits, and some things you should be aware of.

You may have to get used to saving time and money, since you’ll be using less water, and they are easy to keep clean, given that you can mop underneath them. Most options do not touch the floor at all, which is the main reason that people purchase them. Users also love the fact that they save you a great amount of space, because they hang from the wall and won’t take up a lot of room.

However, the most important thing to consider is if your home can accommodate one and that it will stay in good condition. Most of the bad things that can happen when you own one don’t come into play unless there is a leak or a problem, so it’s necessary to keep it properly maintained.

Take as much time as you need whenever you’re searching for a model that will be perfect for you. In fact, the items in this list are a great place to start and are recommended by people that own them. Look into them for yourself to see what you have been missing.

Kevin L. Sharp