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Last updated April 2009

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Fixtures and Appliances
Landscaping Practices and Xeriscape
Greywater, Reuse, and Rainwater Harvesting
Swimming Pools and Spas
Repairs and Water Savings
Conservation Tips
Water Meter
Conservation Organizations
Water and Conservation Research Organizations
US Federal Water Conservation Related Organizations
State and Local Conservation Links
Other Misc. Links

Fixtures and Appliances

 Appliance Energy Use — Rocky Mt. Institute
 Green Seal — standards for environmentally responsible products including water efficient fixtures
 Green Building Program — Energy efficiency appliance page
 Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures — Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing
 Water Efficiency Experiences Database — get experienced in Canada
 Water Saving Gadgets Make a Splash

Clothes Washer
 A New Spin on Doing Your Laundry — a new breed of washers
 Clothes Washer Study — DOE high efficiency clothes washer study in Bern, KS (PDF file)
 Consortium for Energy Efficiency — information on energy/water efficient clothes washers
 Energy Star - Clothes Washer
 Horizontal Axis Washing Machines — information courtesy of Santa Barbara, CA
 Laundry Rooms Save Water — benefits of common area laundry rooms for multi-family properties

 Dishwasher Installation — Popular Mechanics
 Dishwasher Product Survey — (PDF file)

Evaporative Cooler
 Installing and Maintaining Evaporative Coolers — Home Energy Magazine
 Two Stage Evaporative Cooling — Home Energy Magazine

 Do It Yourself Faucet Installation

Hot Water Heaters and On-Demand Systems
 How Hot Water Recirculating Systems Work
 On Demand Hot Water Systems — description
 On Demand Hot Water — Description of the Metlund system
 Passive Solar Water Heating — information from El Paso, Texas
 Solar Assisted Recirculating Loop
 Water Heater - How it works — Popular Mechanics
 Water Heaters and Energy Efficiency — Home Energy Magazine
 Water Heating Links

 How to Replace Your Toilet Flapper
 Plumbing Toilets — from Do It
 Toilet Replacement and Installation
 Toiletology 101 — The Care and Repair of Toilets
 World of Composting Toilets

Water Treatment
 Home Drinking Water Treatment Systems — article explaining how they work
 Home Water
 Protect Yourself When Selecting a Home Water Treatment System — watch out for fraudulent claims
 Should I Buy a Home Water Treatment System? — information for those considering a purchase
 Water Softener - How it works — Popular Mechanics


 Center for Irrigation Technology — based at Cal. State U. in Fresno
 Drip Systems: Ten Pretty Good Ideas
 Efficient Irrigation — proper selection of irrigation methods
 Efficient Use of Water in the Garden and Landscape — Texas specific
 Rehbein Environmental Solutions, Inc. (formerly Evaporative Control Systems) — drip irrigation company
 The Irrigation Association — the irrigation industry's trade organization and their recommended Best Management Practices
 Irrigation & Green Industry Network
 Irrigation for Lawns and Gardens — U. of Georgia extension service
 Irrigation Training and Research Center — California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo
 Landscape Irrigation Tutorials — an incredible resource from Jess Stryker
 Texas A&M School of Irrigation — research and educational programs
 U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Water Resources Research Laboratory — water conservation research for irrigation systems
 United States Committee on Irrigation and Drainage
 University of Florida — a technical look at "Soil Plant Water Relationships"
 U. of Nebraska Neb Guide — evaluating your landscape irrigation system — test tables (PDF file)
 U. S. Water Conservation Laboratory — irrigation research
 Virginia Cooperative Extension — reducing water demands in clay soil
 Wateright — assistance with irrigation scheduling
 WWW Virtual Library - Irrigation

Landscaping Practices and Xeriscape
 Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Backyards — helps people become stewards of land, water, and wildlife across North America
 Backyard Conservation — Snohomish Conservation District
 Backyard Conservation Tip Sheets — USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service
 "Beautiful and Waterwise....Gardening for the Pacific Northwest" — Seattle, WA
 Colorado State University Coop Extension — xeriscaping with gardens & helpful plant charts
 Creating a Water-Wise Landscape — Virginia Cooperative Extension
 Denver Water Xeriscape Page
 Desert Landscaping: Plants for a Water-Scarce Environment (CD-ROM) — Arizona's Water Resources Research Center
 Get Your Lawn Off Drugs — learn how to reduce pesticide and fertilizer use
 High Country Garden Tips
 Landscape Water Conservation...Xeriscape — Texas Agricultural Extension Service Xeriscape education program
 Low-Water Use and Drought-Tolerant Plants — Tuscon, AZ (PDF file)
 Maryland Cooperative Extension — xeriscaping and conserving landscape water (PDF file)
 Massachusetts Horticulture Society
 Mid-Atlantic Region Green Landscaping
 Nebraska Cooperative Extension — advice for watering Nebraska landscapes
 Planting and Maintenance Procedures
 Planting Instructions for Trees and Shrubs — information on a wide variety of gardening subjects
 Texas Wildscapes — gardening for wildlife
 Trees, Water & People — helping communities develop sustainable forests and watersheds
 Turfgrass Information Center
 U.S. Department of Agriculture Backyard Conservation
 Water Conservation Garden — San Diego County, CA
 Water-Efficient Gardening & Landscaping — good advice for those in Missouri
 Water Efficient Landscape Planner — free downloadable software program
 Watering Your Lawn — advice from Clemson University Extension Service — Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority, Georgia
 Water-wise Gardening — Los Angeles County, CA
 Wild Ones — promoting landscaping using native species
 "Xeriscape - A New Kind of Landscaping" — Ft. Collins, CO
 Xeriscape Colorado! — promoting creative approaches to water conserving landscapes
 Xeriscape Demonstration Garden — Colorado Springs Utilities, CO
 Xeriscape E-zine
 Xeriscape Guide — extensive on-line Xeriscape resource from U. of Georgia

Greywater, Reuse, and Rainwater Harvesting

 American water reuse expert — recipient of 2001 Stockholm International Water Prize Award (PDF file)
 Casa del Agua Rainwater Harvesting Information
 Cisterns/Rainwater Harvesting Systems — Advanced Technologies for Commercial Buildings
 Cisterns To Collect Non-Potable Water For Domestic Use — University of Florida
 Graywater Central — up to date information on graywater systems and technology
 Greywater Reuse — Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing
 Graywater - An Option For Household Water Reuse — Home Energy Magazine
 Harvesting Rainwater for Landscape Use
 "Home Use of Graywater, Rainwater Conserves Water—and May Save Money" — Arizona Water Resources Research Center
 Rain Barrels — City Farmer
 Rain Harvesting Guidelines and Schematic — PDF file
 Rainwater Harvesting — Center for Science and Environment
 Rainwater Harvesting — from the University of Georgia (PDF file)
 Rainwater harvesting from rooftop catchments
 Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Montana — PDF file
 "Sourcing Water from the Sky"
 Texas Guide to Rainwater Harvesting — Texas Water Development Board (PDF file)
 Water Recycling — explore an ecological wastewater recycling system in Chatham County, NC
 WateReuse Association of California — recycling water to meet California's needs
 West Virginia University — commonsense approach to "Recycling Gray Water"

Swimming Pools and Spas

 Aqua Online — pool industry magazine and resources
 California Spa and Pool Industry Education Council
 Glossary of Swimming Pool Terms
 Home Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips
 How to Detect Swimming Pool Leaks — from
 Pool Maintenance Tips
 More Pool Maintenance Tips
 PoolSpa — industry web site
 Safety and Maintenance Tips for Your Pool
 Swimming Pool Equipment — from Caretaker Systems
 Swimming Pools Soak Up the Sun — Home Energy Magazine
 Tile Repair for the Pool
 Coping Repair for the Pool

Repairs and Water Savings

 Greening of the Whitehouse — PDF file
 Hawaii Water Leak Detection Suggestions"E malama I ka wai" (cherish the water)
 How does a dripping faucet impact conservation? — Find out! (PDF file)
 Toiletology 101 — everything you ever wanted to know about the care and repair of toilets!
 USGS Drip Accumulator — How much water does a leaking faucet waste?
 Water Fountains — an Arizona perspective
 Water Savings Calculator — for common area laundry rooms

Conservation Tips

 A Green Home is a Healthy Home - Water Conservation — National Wildlife Federation
 Analyze Your Home Energy Use
 Drop by Drop, A How-To Guide: Starting a Water Conservation Program — Iowa City/Coralville, IA
 Handbook of Water Use and Conservation — an excellent resource of information
 How to Become Water Wise — Tempe, AZ
 How to Conserve Water in Your Home and Yard — Michigan State University Extension
 Keep Midland Beautiful — "Water Smart" in Texas
 Sustainable Sources — resources for sustainable building including water efficiency
 Tampa Bay Water — useful tips on residential outdoor conservation
 This Green Life — informative, monthly column from the Natural Resources Defense Council
 Valuable Conservation Tips to Save Water During HOT Summer Months
 Water Conservation for the Bathroom — Oklahoma DEQ (PDF file)
 Water Conservation for the Kitchen and Laundry — Oklahoma DEQ (PDF file)
 Water Conservation for the Outdoors — Oklahoma DEQ (PDF file)
 Water Conservation Tips — Clark County Public Utilities, WA
 Water Conservation Tips — Fairfax County Water Authority, VA
 Water Conservation Tips — United Water New York
 Water Education Water Awareness Committee
 Water Use It Wisely® — National Conservation Campaign


 Coping with Drought in the Landscape — University of Florida
 Drought Information — includes drought guidebooks and plan templates
 Home & Garden Information Center — watering tips for drought conditions in Maryland (PDF file)
 National Drought Mitigation Center — information to reduce vulnerability to drought
 Planning for Drought in Colorado — a unique natural hazard (PDF file)

Water Meter

 How to Read Your Water Meter — City of Albuquerque
 Meter Reading 101 — nice graphics
 Read Your Water Meter — from the City of San Diego

Conservation Organizations

 American Rivers — North America's leading river-conservation organization
 American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
 Boulder Energy Conservation Center, CO
 California Energy Commission
 California Urban Water Conservation Council
 Cooling Technology Institute
 Green Hotels Association — advancing ecological consciousness in the hospitality industry
 Hampton Roads Water Efficiency Team — a regional coalition of 15 cities/counties and 4 military bases (VA, USA)
 Home Energy Magazine — a great source of information on water and energy conservation
 Patterns of a Conservation Society — water efficiency within a sustainable context
 Popular Mechanics — a good source of information for "do it yourselfers"
 Water Education Water Awareness Committee
 World Water Council
 World Water Watch

Water and Conservation Research Organizations

 Academy of Natural Science — "Know Your Environment"
 American Water Resources Association — advancing water resources research and management
 American Water Works Association Research Foundation — advancing the science of water to improve the quality of life
 Arizona Water Resources Research Center — University of Arizona
 California Urban Water Conservation Council
 Colorado Water Resources Research Institute — Colorado State University
 Hawaii Water Resources Research Center — University of Hawaii-Manoa
 High Country News — for people who care about the West's resources
 International Hydrological Programme — United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
 The Irrigation Association — the irrigation industry's trade organization
 Nebraska Water Center — University of Nebraska-Lincoln
 New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute — New Mexico State University
 North Carolina Water Resources Research Institute — University of North Carolina
 Pacific Institute — studies in development, environment and security
 The Powell Consortium — an alliance of seven Water Resources Research Institutes and Centers from the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming
 Rocky Mountain Institute — a nonprofit research foundation promoting efficiency
 Smart Communities Network — links to water efficiency programs, case studies, ordinances, publications, educational materials, etc.
 Texas Waternet (Texas Water Resources Institute) — contains an excellent links list
 Universities Council on Water Resources — universities united to encourage education and research in water resources
 Utah Water Research Laboratory — Utah State University
 Water Conservation on the Internet — links
 The Water Librarians' Home Page — lots of water-related links

US Federal Water Conservation Related Organizations

 American National Standards Institute
 Renewable Energy Policy Project (formerly Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Policy Project)
 EPA — Surf Your Watershed
 Federal Energy Management Program — water conservation technical assistance for federal agencies
 Lower Colorado Region — water conservation programs
 Office of Water — EPA
 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers — Public Services
 U.S. Department of Agriculture — Water Quality Information Center
 U.S. Department of the Interior Buildings/Facilities Energy Management & Water Conservation Plan
 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
 U.S. Geological Survey — water resources
 Water Efficiency Program — includes EPA WAVE program and Guidelines for Water Conservation Plans
 WaterShare - Department of the Interior — US Bureau of Reclamation

State and Local Conservation Links

 Arizona Municipal Water Users Association (AMWUA)
 Arizona Department of Water Resources

 California Department of Water Resources
 California Farm Water Coalition
 California Urban Water Conservation Council
 CALFED Bay-Delta Program — Bay-Delta information site
 California Water Service
 Castaic Lake Water Agency
 Desert Water Agency — includes water efficient plant listing
 East Bay Municipal Utility District — includes water conservation baseline study
 Hi-Desert Water District, CA
 Imperial Irrigation District
 Long Beach Water
 Los Angeles
 Manhattan Beach
 Marin Municipal Water District — tips for swimming pools, low-water-use plants
 Mojave Water Agency
 Sacramento Area Water Works Association
 Sacramento County Public Works — Department of Natural Resources
 San Diego
 San Jose Water Company
 Santa Barbara — extensive landscaping information, indoor water conservation tips, and educational links
 Santa Clara Valley Water District — many water conservation publications
 Southern California Water

 Colorado Office of Water Conservation — planning help and free fact sheets
 Colorado Water Conservation Board
 Colorado Water Knowledge — Colorado State University
 Denver Water
 Ft. Collins

 Florida Water
 Pinellas County Utilities
 Pollution Prevention (P2) Coalition of Palm Beach County
 St. Johns River Water Management District
 Southwest Florida Water Management District

 Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority

 Anne Arundel County
 Easton Utilities Commission


 American Water Company - Missouri

 Montana Water

 Las Vegas Valley Water District
 Southern Nevada Water Authority

New Mexico
 New Mexico Water Conservation Program
 Santa Fe

North Carolina
 North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance
 North Carolina Division of Water Resources
 North Carolina Urban Water Consortium
 Town of Cary
 City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County
 Harnett County — lots of conservation tips including how to detect and repair leaks

 Eugene Water and Electric Board
 Lake Oswego

 City of Houston — water conservation presentations, newsletter and check list
 Texas Commission on Environmental Quality — drought contingency planning
 Texas Water Conservation Association
 Texas Water Development Board
 Texas Water Supply and Conservation Education Program — Texas A&M University

 Central Utah Project Completion Act — water resources development emphasizing environmental values and conservation

 Virginia Conservation Reference Source
 Virginia Beach

 Center for Environmental Law & Policy — advocating clean, flowing rivers in Washington State
 Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington — water conservation information for local government
 Highline Water District
 Seattle Public Utilities — includes popular WashWise laundry program

Regional Conservation Sites
 Colorado State University Cooperative Extension — Irrigation information (PDF file)
 Delaware River Basin Commission
 Marin Municipal Water District — Money-saving swimming pool tips
 Melbourne Water Corporation — Water conservation tips, water use calculator and water wise gardening
 Southwestern Water Conservation District — Water Information Program
 Susquehanna River Basin Commission, touted as one of Australia's leading source on water conservation
 Western States Water Council
 Yarra Valley Water, an Australian retail water company specializing in water saving products, owned by the State Government of Victoria

Other Misc. Links

 American Society of Civil Engineers
 Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management
 American Society of Mechanical Engineers
 American Water Works Association
 American Water Works Association Research Foundation
 Association of California Water Agencies
 Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies
 Bureau of Reclamation
 California Association of Sanitation Agencies
 California Department of Water Resources
 California Energy Commission
 California Municipal Utilities Association
 California State Association of Counties
 California Urban Water Conservation Council
 California Water Environment Association
 Earth 911 — Water Pollution and Conservation
 Eco-Portal — Gateway to reviewed environmental sustainability Internet content
 Environmental and Water Resource Institute
 Enviro Link Network
 Groundwater Protection Council
 IDS Water — Information related to water and its related industries presented through expert white papers, case studies and a water supplier directory
 Information Center for the Environment — UC Davis
 League of California Cities
 National Association of Counties
 National Drinking Water Clearinghouse
 National Groundwater Association
 National Rural Water Association
 National Watershed Network
 National Resource Conservation Service
 Rural Community Assistance Program
 Texas Waternet
 U.S. Census Bureau
 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Office of Water
 U.S. Geological Survey — Water Resources
 U.S. Water Resources Agencies
 Universities Water Information Network
 The Utility Connection
 Water Education Foundation
 Water Education Water Awareness Committee
 Water Environment Federation
 California Environmental Resources Evaluation System (CERES) — California related water conservation site
 Water Online — information resource for the Water and Wastewater Treatment industry
 Water Quality Association
 WateReuse Assocation of California
 Water Resources Center Archives
 Water Resources Research Center — University of Arizona
 Water Use It Wisely® — National Conservation Campaign
 WaterWiser — the Water Efficiency Clearinghouse

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