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Fixtures and Appliances

 Appliance Energy Use ( – Rocky Mt. Institute
 Green Seal ( - standards for environmentally responsible products including water efficient fixtures
 Green Building Program ( – Energy efficiency appliance page
 Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures ( - Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing
 Water Efficiency Experiences Database ( - get experienced in Canada
 Water Saving Gadgets Make a Splash (

Clothes Washer
 A New Spin on Doing Your Laundry ( - a new breed of washers
 Clothes Washer Study ( - DOE high efficiency clothes washer study in Bern, KS
 Consortium for Energy Efficiency ( - information on energy/water efficient clothes washers
 Energy Star - Clothes Washer (
 Horizontal Axis Washing Machines ( - information courtesy of Santa Barbara, CA
 Laundry Rooms Save Water ( - benefits of common area laundry rooms for multi-family properties

 Dishwasher Installation ( – Popular Mechanics
 Dishwasher Product Survey ( – (PDF file)

Evaporative Cooler
 Installing and Maintaining Evaporative Coolers ( – Home Energy Magazine
 Two Stage Evaporative Cooling ( – Home Energy Magazine

 Do It Yourself Faucet Installation (

Hot Water Heaters and On-Demand Systems
 How Hot Water Recirculating Systems Work (
 On Demand Hot Water Systems ( - description
 On Demand Hot Water ( – Description of the Metlund system
 Passive Solar Water Heating ( – information from El Paso, Texas
 Solar Assisted Recirculating Loop (
 Water Heater – How it works ( – Popular Mechanics
 Water Heaters and Energy Efficiency ( – Home Energy Magazine
 Water Heating Links (

 How to Replace Your Toilet Flapper (
 Plumbing Toilets ( – from Do It
 Toilet Replacement and Installation (
 Toiletology 101 ( - The Care and Repair of Toilets
 World of Composting Toilets (

Water Treatment
 Home Drinking Water Treatment Systems ( – article explaining how they work
 Home Water (
 Protect Yourself When Selecting a Home Water Treatment System ( – watch out for fraudulent claims
 Should I Buy a Home Water Treatment System? ( – information for those considering a purchase
 Water Softener – How it works ( – Popular Mechanics
 Water Treatment Equipment: A Buyer’s Guide (


 Center for Irrigation Technology ( – based at Cal. State U. in Fresno
 Drip Systems: Ten Pretty Good Ideas (
 Efficient Irrigation ( - proper selection of irrigation methods
 Efficient Use of Water in the Garden and Landscape ( - Texas specific
 Rehbein Environmental Solutions, Inc. (formerly Evaporative Control Systems) ( – drip irrigation company
 The Irrigation Association ( - the irrigation industry's trade organization
 Irrigation & Green Industry Network (
 Irrigation for Lawns and Gardens ( – U. of Georgia extension service
 Irrigation Training and Research Center ( - California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo
 Landscape Irrigation Tutorials ( – an incredible resource from Jess Stryker
 Texas A&M School of Irrigation ( - research and educational programs
 U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Water Resources Research Laboratory ( - water conservation research for irrigation systems
 United States Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (
 University of Florida ( - a technical look at "Soil Plant Water Relationships"
 U. of Nebraska Neb Guide ( - evaluating your landscape irrigation system - test tables (PDF file)
 U. S. Water Conservation Laboratory ( - irrigation research
 Virginia Cooperative Extension ( - reducing water demands in clay soil
 Wateright ( - assistance with irrigation scheduling
 WWW Virtual Library - Irrigation (

Landscaping Practices and Xeriscape

 American (
 Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Backyards ( - helps people become stewards of land, water, and wildlife across North America
 Backyard Conservation ( - Snohomish Conservation District
 Backyard Conservation Resources (
 Backyard Conservation Tip Sheets ( - USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service
 "Beautiful and Waterwise....Gardening for the Pacific Northwest" (Video) ( - Seattle, WA
 Colorado State University Coop Extension ( - xeriscaping with garden flowers & helpful plant charts
 Creating a Water-Wise Landscape ( - Virginia Cooperative Extension
 Denver Water Xeriscape Page (
 Desert Landscaping: Plants for a Water-Scarce Environment (CD-ROM) ( - Arizona's Water Resources Research Center
 Get Your Lawn Off Drugs ( – learn how to reduce pesticide and fertilizer use
 High Country Garden Tips (
 Landscape Water Conservation...Xeriscape ( - Texas Agricultural Extension Service Xeriscape education program
 Low-Water Use and Drought-Tolerant Plants ( - Tucson, AZ (PDF file)
 Maryland Cooperative Extension ( - xeriscaping and conserving landscape water (PDF file)
 Massachusetts Horticulture Society (
 Mid-Atlantic Region Green Landscaping Society (
 Nebraska Cooperative Extension ( - advice for watering Nebraska landscapes
 Planting and Maintenance Procedures (
 Planting Instructions for Trees and Shrubs ( ( – information on a wide variety of gardening subjects
 Texas Wildscapes ( - gardening for wildlife
 Trees, Water & People ( - helping communities develop sustainable forests and watersheds
 Turfgrass Information Center (
 U.S. Department of Agriculture Backyard Conservation (
 Water Conservation Garden ( - San Diego County, CA
 Water-Efficient Gardening & Landscaping ( - good advice for those in Missouri
 Water Efficient Landscape Planner ( - free downloadable software program
 Watering Your Lawn ( – advice from Clemson University Extension Service ( - Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority, Georgia
 Water-wise Gardening ( - Los Angeles County, CA
 Wild Ones ( - promoting landscaping using native species
 "Xeriscape - A New Kind of Landscaping" ( - Ft. Collins, CO
 Xeriscape Colorado! ( - promoting creative approaches to water conserving landscapes
 Xeriscape Demonstration Garden ( - Colorado Springs Utilities, CO
 Xeriscape E-zine (
 Xeriscape Guide ( – extensive on-line Xeriscape resource from U. of Georgia

Greywater, Reuse, and Rainwater Harvesting

 American water reuse expert ( - recipient of 2001 Stockholm International Water Prize Award (PDF file)
 Casa del Agua Rainwater Harvesting Information (
 Cisterns/Rainwater Harvesting Systems ( - Advanced Technologies for Commercial Buildings
 Cisterns To Collect Non-Potable Water For Domestic Use ( - University of Florida
 Graywater Central ( – up to date information on graywater systems and technology (
 Greywater Reuse ( - Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing
 Graywater - An Option For Household Water Reuse ( – Home Energy Magazine
 Water Recycling ( - explore an ecological wastewater recycling system in Chatham County, NC
 WateReuse Association of California ( - recycling water to meet California's needs
 Harvesting Rainwater for Landscape Use (http://Ag.Arizona.Edu/pubs/water/az1052/)
 "Home Use of Graywater, Rainwater Conserves Water--and May Save Money" ( - Arizona Water Resources Research Center
 Rain Barrels ( - City Farmer
 Rain Harvesting Guidelines and Schematic ( – PDF file
 Rainwater Harvesting ( - Center for Science and Environment
 Rainwater Harvesting ( – from the University of Georgia
 Rainwater harvesting from rooftop catchments (
 Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Montana ( – PDF file
 Rainwater Harvesting Wizard (
 "Sourcing Water from the Sky" (
 Texas Guide to Rainwater Harvesting ( - Texas Water Development Board (PDF file)
 Water Recycling ( - explore an ecological wastewater recycling system in Chatham County, NC
 WateReuse Association of California ( - recycling water to meet California's needs
 West Virginia University ( - commonsense approach to "Recycling Gray Water"

Swimming Pools and Spas

 Aqua Online ( – pool industry magazine and resources
 California Spa and Pool Industry Education Council (
 Glossary of Swimming Pool Terms (
 Home Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips (
 How to Detect Swimming Pool Leaks ( – from
 Pool Maintenance Tips (
 More Pool Maintenance Tips (
 PoolSpa ( – industry web site
 Safety and Maintenance Tips for Your Pool (
 Swimming Pool Equipment ( – from Caretaker Systems
 Swimming Pools Soak Up the Sun ( – Home Energy Magazine
 Tile, Coping, and Beam Repair for the Pool (

Repairs and Water Savings

 Greening of the Whitehouse ( - calculate your indoor water and energy savings potential
 Hawaii Water Leak Detection Suggestions ( -"E malama I ka wai" (cherish the water)
 How does a dripping faucet impact conservation? ( - Find out! (PDF file)
 Toiletology 101 ( - everything you ever wanted to know about the care and repair of toilets!
 USGS Drip Accumulator ( - How much water does a leaking faucet waste?
 Water Fountains ( - an Arizona perspective
 Water Savings Calculator ( - for common area laundry rooms

Conservation Tips

 A Green Home is a Healthy Home - Water Conservation ( - National Wildlife Federation
 Analyze Your Home Energy Use (
 Drop by Drop, A How-To Guide: Starting a Water Conservation Program ( - Iowa City/Coralville, IA
 Handbook of Water Use and Conservation ( – an excellent resource of information
 Hot Water Conservation (
 How to Become Water Wise ( - Tempe, AZ
 How to Conserve Water in Your Home and Yard ( - Michigan State University Extension
 Keep Midland Beautiful ( - "Water Smart" in Texas
 Sustainable Sources ( - resources for sustainable building including water efficiency
 Tampa Bay Water ( - useful tips on residential outdoor conservation
 This Green Life ( - informative, monthly column from the Natural Resources Defense Council
 Valuable Conservation Tips to Save Water During HOT Summer Months (
 Water Conservation for the Bathroom ( — Oklahoma DEQ
 Water Conservation for the Kitchen and Laundry ( — Oklahoma DEQ
 Water Conservation for the Outdoors ( — Oklahoma DEQ
 Water Conservation Tips ( - Clark County Public Utilities, WA
 Water Conservation Tips ( - Clean Ocean Action
 Water Conservation Tips ( - Fairfax County Water Authority, VA
 Water Conservation Tips ( - United Water New York
 Water Education Water Awareness Committee (
 Water Use It Wisely® ( — National Conservation Campaign


 Coping with Drought in the Landscape ( - University of Florida
 Drought Information ( - includes drought guidebooks and plan templates
 Home & Garden Information Center ( - watering tips for drought conditions in Maryland (PDF file)
 National Drought Mitigation Center ( - information to reduce vulnerability to drought
 Planning for Drought in Colorado ( - a unique natural hazard (PDF file)

Water Meter

 How to Read Your Water Meter ( – City of Albuquerque
 Meter Reading 101 ( – nice graphics
 Read Your Water Meter ( – from the City of San Diego

Conservation Organizations

 American Rivers ( - North America's leading river-conservation organization
 American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (
 Boulder Energy Conservation Center, CO (
 California Energy Commission (
 California Urban Water Conservation Council (
 Coast Alliance (
 Cooling Technology Institute (
 Green Hotels Association ( - advancing ecological consciousness in the hospitality industry
 Hampton Roads Water Efficiency Team ( - a regional coalition of 15 cities/counties and 4 military bases (VA, USA)
 Home Energy Magazine ( – a great source of information on water and energy conservation
 Patterns of a Conservation Society ( - water efficiency within a sustainable context
 Popular Mechanics ( – a good source of information for "do it yourselfers"
 Water Education Water Awareness Committee (
 World Water Council (
 World Water Watch (

Water and Conservation Research Organizations

 Academy of Natural Science ( - "Know Your Environment"
 American Water Resources Association ( - advancing water resources research and management
 American Water Works Association Research Foundation ( - advancing the science of water to improve the quality of life
 Arizona Water Resources Research Center ( - University of Arizona
 California Urban Water Conservation Council (
 Colorado Water Resources Research Institute ( - Colorado State University (
 Hawaii Water Resources Research Center ( - University of Hawaii-Manoa
 High Country News ( - for people who care about the West's resources
 International Hydrological Programme ( - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
 The Irrigation Association ( - the irrigation industry's trade organization and their recommended Best Management Practices
 Nebraska Water Center ( - University of Nebraska-Lincoln
 New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute ( - New Mexico State University
 North Carolina Water Resources Research Institute ( - University of North Carolina
 Pacific Institute ( - studies in development, environment and security
 The Powell Consortium ( - an alliance of seven Water Resources Research Institutes and Centers from the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming
 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY ( - water conservation program
 Rocky Mountain Institute ( - a nonprofit research foundation promoting efficiency
 Smart Communities Network ( - links to water efficiency programs, case studies, ordinances, publications, educational materials, etc.
 The Terrene Institute ( - working to protect our environment and conserve our natural resources
 Texas Waternet (Texas Water Resources Institute) ( - contains an excellent links list (
 Universities Council on Water Resources ( - universities united to encourage education and research in water resources
 Utah Water Research Laboratory ( - Utah State University
 Water Conservation on the Internet ( – links
 The Water Librarians' Home Page ( - lots of water-related links

US Federal Water Conservation Related Organizations

 American National Standards Institute (
 EPA — Surf Your Watershed (
 Federal Energy Management Program ( - water conservation technical assistance for federal agencies
 Lower Colorado Region ( - water conservation programs
 Office of Water ( – EPA
 Renewable Energy Policy Project (formerly Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Policy Project) (
 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ( - Public Services
 U.S. Department of Agriculture ( - Water Quality Information Center
 U.S. Department of the Interior Buildings/Facilities Energy Management & Water Conservation Plan (
 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (
 U.S. Geological Survey ( - water resources
 Water Efficiency Program ( - includes EPA WAVE program and Guidelines for Water Conservation Plans
 WaterShare - Department of the Interior ( - US Bureau of Reclamation

State and Local Conservation Links

 Arizona Municipal Water Users Association (AMWUA) (
 Arizona Department of Water Resources (
 Mesa (
 Phoenix (
 Tempe (

 California Department of Water Resources (
 California Farm Water Coalition (
 California Urban Water Conservation Council (
 CALFED Bay-Delta Program ( - Bay-Delta information site
 California Water Service (
 Castaic Lake Water Agency (
 Desert Water Agency ( - includes water efficient plant listing
 East Bay Municipal Utility District ( - includes water conservation baseline study
 Hi-Desert Water District, CA (
 Imperial Irrigation District (
 Los Angeles (
 Manhattan Beach (
 Marin Municipal Water District ( - tips for swimming pools, low-water-use plants
 Mojave Water Agency (
 Sacramento Area Water Works Association (
 Sacramento County Public Works ( – Department of Natural Resources
 San Diego (
 San Jose Water Company (
 Santa Barbara ( - extensive landscaping information, indoor water conservation tips, and educational links
 Santa Clara Valley Water District ( - many water conservation publications
 Southern California Water (

 Colorado Office of Water Conservation ( - planning help and free fact sheets
 Colorado Water Conservation Board (
 Colorado Water Knowledge ( - Colorado State University
 Aurora (§ionid=2&subsectionid=109)
 Boulder (
 Denver Water (
 Ft. Collins (

 Florida Water (
 Pinellas County Utilities (
 Pollution Prevention (P2) Coalition of Palm Beach County (
 St. Johns River Water Management District (
 Southwest Florida Water Management District (
 Tampa (

 Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority (

 Anne Arundel County (
 Easton Utilities Commission (

 Brainerd (

 American Water Company - Missouri (

 Montana Water (

 Las Vegas Valley Water District (
 Southern Nevada Water Authority (

New Mexico
 New Mexico Water Conservation Program (
 Albuquerque (
 Santa Fe (

North Carolina
 North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance (
 North Carolina Division of Water Resources (
 North Carolina Urban Water Consortium (
 Town of Cary (
 City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County (
 Harnett County ( - lots of conservation tips including how to detect and repair leaks

 Eugene Water and Electric Board (
 Lake Oswego (

 Austin (
 City of Houston ( - water conservation presentations, newsletter and check list
 Texas Commission on Environmental Quality ( - drought contingency planning
 Texas Water Conservation Association (
 Texas Water Development Board (
 Texas Water Supply and Conservation Education Program ( - Texas A&M University

 Central Utah Project Completion Act ( - water resources development emphasizing environmental values and conservation

 Virginia Conservation Reference Source (
 Virginia Beach (

 Bellevue (
 Center for Environmental Law & Policy ( - advocating clean, flowing rivers in Washington State
 Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington ( - water conservation information for local government
 Highline Water District (
 Seattle Public Utilities ( - includes popular WashWise laundry program

Regional Conservation Sites
 Colorado State University Cooperative Extension ( - Irrigation information (PDF file)
 Delaware River Basin Commission (
 Marin Municipal Water District ( - Money-saving swimming pool tips
 Melbourne Water Corporation ( - Water conservation tips, water use calculator and water wise gardening ( , touted as one of Australia's leading source on water conservation
 Southwestern Water Conservation District ( - Water Information Program
 Susquehanna River Basin Commission (
 Western States Water Council (
 Yarra Valley Water ( – an Australian retail water company specializing in water saving products, owned by the State Government of Victoria

Other Misc. Links

 American Society of Civil Engineers (
 Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management (
 American Society of Mechanical Engineers (
 American Water Works Association (
 American Water Works Association Research Foundation (
 Association of California Water Agencies (
 Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies (
 Bureau of Reclamation (
 California Association of Sanitation Agencies (
 California Department of Water Resources (
 California Energy Commission (
 California Municipal Utilities Association (
 California State Association of Counties (
 California Urban Water Conservation Council (
 California Water Environment Association (
 Earth 911 ( - Water Pollution and Conservation
 Eco-Portal ( – Gateway to reviewed environmental sustainability Internet content
 Environmental and Water Resource Institute (
 Enviro Link Network (
 Groundwater Protection Council (
 IDS Water ( — Information related to water and its related industries presented through expert white papers, case studies and a water supplier directory
 Information Center for the Environment ( – UC Davis
 League of California Cities (
 National Association of Counties (
 National Drinking Water Clearinghouse (
 National Groundwater Association (
 National Rural Water Association (
 National Watershed Network (
 National Resource Conservation Service (
 Rural Community Assistance Program (")
 Texas Waternet (
 U.S. Census Bureau (
 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Office of Water (")
 U.S. Geological Survey – Water Resources (
 U.S. Water Resources Agencies (
 Universities Water Information Network (
 The Utility Connection (
 Water Education Foundation (
 Water Education Water Awareness Committee (
 Water Environment Federation (
 California Environmental Resources Evaluation System (CERES) ( – California related water conservation site
 Water Online ( - information resource for the Water and Wastewater Treatment industry
 Water Quality Association (
 WateReuse Assocation of California (
 Water Resources Center Archives (
 Water Resources Research Center ( – University of Arizona
 WaterWiser ( – the Water Efficiency Clearinghouse